The World Began

There was nothing but water between large land masses and small isles, water that seemed to have no real purpose except to expand as far as the eye could see. This captured the eye of a powerful god named Ravos.

Here, he created land masses.

He connected the island to a larger land mass by only a small strip of land - a bridge made of nature. Upon this large mass he created five elements, but only created four gods. The Desert land to the East represents the Fire God's kingdom. The forest and grassland to the south represents the Earth God's kingdom. The north breaks apart into easily accessible islands, while beaches and coves line the mainland, a sign of the Water God's kingdom. And finally, to the west lies the meadows and valleys of the Air God.

Directly in the center, however, lies a region where the Gods were told not to conquer, a neutral region that houses those that choose to live apart from the Gods... a region that houses a hidden element that Ravos gave no hint to, one that has yet to be discovered. It was before the first mortal stepped inside that the All God disappeared, leaving his children to figure out life among mortals, and perhaps, to figure out the secret of the last element. The Gods gathered and named the land mass Ravos after their father, and yet they do not speak of him to mortals.

What is the secret to revealing the final element?
Will chaos rule the land or will the elements attempt a life at harmony?

The Struggle For Power

The Gods started to disappear one by one, save for one. She stood tall in her element, firmly planted. Her sisters and her brother went missing, no trace of them except for her memories. With their disappearance, the land changed. For a moment there was chaos, until her brother and sisters were replaced by their charges. Yet, the damage had been done. The unknown element cracked and leaked upon the land.

It happened suddenly, overnight -- everything changed. Normal beings now possessed different traits. Some had wings while other had horns. A few even had hair of a different kind while others simply become rotting carcasses. The changes were far from subtle and worried those all around. What did this mean? Was the land tainted? Poisoned? Were there monsters lurking around every corner now? There are more questions then there are answers.

Little is known of the new gods. How will they change the land around them? Shall chaos reign or shall peace be at hand? What of the crack? What stories does it hold? Will the old gods ever come back -- but what will they come back to?

Even the powers the mortals had seems to have changed. They no longer have set abilities and seem free to create what their heart desires, but for those who have no control -- such power is limited. The Gods no longer look to bestow such grand powers upon the mortals, instead choosing to make them earn their worth.

Everything has changed.

The Instability of Magic

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