Spring, but winter lingers *info to come*



Season Change:

September 1st

Game Time:

2 Months = 1 Season

Current Quests

The Rainbow Fish
Open to all : Now Ending July 31st

The Winds of Winter
Open to all : no end date yet

Pieces of No
Open to all : no end date yet

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Update Thread
Activity Check & OTM Voting : Now Ending July 15th

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June Thread Highlights

Chesire + Marama: in Kain

June Quote Highlights

"The beetles are a detour, a trap set by death to snare him by trickery if the blunt hammerings of privation fail." - Tusk

The Cusp of Wildness -

Change has come and gone in Ravos; nothing is the same in the wake of the wild, wild magic. Even the ancient things are changed and the land they grew up knowing is full of scars and open sores.

Horses come with infinite colors on their skins and thousands of feathers upon their backs. The elements are growing rabid and uncontrollable. Some are being devoured by the powers they once loved so much. Even those that took no element upon arrival are finding power in their veins.

There is talk of disease, of death, of discord.

Lands have been swallowed up by Velius for the magic knows no kindness; it grows more implacable each day.

The magic of Ravos is changing; every inch of Ravos is changing.

This is the cusp, the apex, the last stand--- This is all we have.

Updates -

the first of july

Unfortunately Ravos is taking a hiatus. Yena sends her love to all of you, but right now her life and her daughter (as you can well image) comes first for her. However, this is a hiatus NOT a full closure. Boards will be left up and running so you can continue to post if you so desire! Thank you for everyone who has been apart of this game, from the players, to the fantastic staff that put their hearts and souls into this. If you have any questions please feel free to post them on the OOC board, I will check back occasionally! You can also contact me at harleykyn@gmail.com. Again thank you so much and we're hoping to reopen when life isn't quite so busy for our leading lady! - Kyote.