Elemental Potential (EP)

Every character is given an Elemental Potential (EP) by the staff (via dice roll) at joining. EP is the maximum level your character is able to train to. For example, if your EP is 3, you can only reach level 3 and must petition your god if you wish for a higher EP level. EP 6 is the highest EP possible, and if you have EP 6 and reach level 6, you have a chance of becoming a sage (a master of their element). If you are a non-elemental, you have the chance of getting to level 6 and becoming a non-element Master/Mistress. Also, if you do go after another element the EP will be the same as your first element.

For EP petitions, the staff will roll a die, but the god's player determines what numbers are successful. For example, a god who doesn't quite like your character might make it so you have a 1 in 6 chance, but a favored followed will have a 3 in 6 chance of an EP increase. However, your god cannot completely deny your request when it comes to an EP raise - the lowest odds your character will have is 1 in 6. Gods can also grant EP levels for loyalty, quests or anything else that can be thought of. This being said, they can also take away levels that they had previously given for plot and/or bargain purposes.

If you petition for an EP increase to 6 and the dice roll succeeds, there will be a confirmation roll where 1 and 6 will confirm but 2, 3, 4 and 5 will fail.

God Powers

1. Do not need to constantly hold a tangible form, they can appear out of their element.
2. Can create their element whenever and wherever they like, but cannot kill off characters without OOC consent.
3. Can manipulate their element however they like, but cannot kill off characters without OOC consent.
4. Can control creatures of their element (for example, water can control sea creatures, air can control birds, etc.)
5. Can briefly revoke power from other characters, but for no longer than 1 month, unless power is fully abused.
6. If power is gained from an agreement, power can be revoked if terms are violated.
7. Cannot claim territories but can support and give favor to one.

Lesser God Powers

1. Do not need to constantly hold a tangible form, they can appear out of their element.
2. Can create their element whenever and wherever they like, but it must be peaceful. Cannot kill off character without OOC consent, as well as, consent from their god.
3. Can manipulate their element however they like, as long as it is peaceful. The general radius for the powers of a Lesser sits around 5 miles.
4. Grow tired and weak after extensive power usage and must recuperate at their god's shrine in Mounta Corenth.
5. Cannot claim territories.

Sage Powers

1. Have a telepathic line to their god and lesser god, so they are able to call upon them, but the god they call can choose whether or not they wish to respond.
2. Must always be in equine form. Cannont form out of their element.
3. Can conjure their element in moderate amounts.
4. Can manipulate their element in medium scale events. They can cause a large wave, brush fire that might burn a few miles, etc.
5. They cannot injure or kill characters without OOC consent and their god's approval.
6. Grow tired and weak after extensive power usage and must recuperate at their god's shrine in Mount Corenth
7. Sages and those working to become Sages are considered regular, mortal characters, so they can claim territories.
8. Sages can petition to become the Lesser god of their element, and may have to compete against any existing Lesser. But ultimately the decision is left to the god.

Those in Training

1. Levels are gained through post count and/or god/lesser gods. Steals, battles, and quests give additional points towards levels.
2. Power counts do not roll over, for example the 10 posts for level 1 cannot be added to level 2, and posts cannot be re-used for points.
3. If you choose to change your element (or non-element) you will start at level 1 for that new element, but if you were level 0 and decide to change, you'll remain at level 0.
4. Below explains each level and the post count required:

Level 0:

Your character has an affinity towards their element. Occasionally they can make small things happen but they have no real control and fatigue quickly. The lesser god of your element should be in control of your training.

Level 1:

(Reached at 10 points)
Your character must be around their element to use their powers. They fatigue quickly with any use. Fire horses can burn small bushes/plants, air can cause weak wind gusts, earth can create small plants and water can create light rain or small waves.

Level 2:

(Reached at 20 points)
Your character must be around their element to use their powers. Fire horses can burn a few large trees, water can cause brief rain storms and control larger waves in small amounts, air can create large gusts that can move objects 1000 lbs and less, and earth can grow trees/larger plants. Your character still cannot conjure their element from nothing.

Level 3:

(Reached at 40 points)
Up until this point, your character has the option of changing elements. Your character must attend a binding ceremony with their god to secure their loyalty in that element. Should your character choose to deflect and reassing themselves to a different element, they will begin at level 1 with their new element. After your characters binding ceremony they no longer become fatigued as quickly. Fire horses can burn up to half an acre at once and can be covered in flames without taking damage. Water horses can control the wave in their line of sight and create rain storms. Earth horses can manipulate larger boulders and create small patches of plant life at once. Air horses can move horse sized objects with strong wind gusts.

level 4:

(Reached at 60 points)
Fire horses can burn up to an acre. Water horses can control tides and small rivers. Air horses can levitate a few feet off the ground. Earth horses can move around half-acre of earth at a time. Keep in mind that they still cannot cause long-term harm to other characters unless agreed upon OOC. They will get more tired the more they use their element.

Level 5:

(Reached at 80 points)
This is the highest level you can reach before becoming a Sage, therefore your quests will be the most difficult. Fire can create shapes from fire and control the direction of the flames. Water can create downpours and change the flow of rivers. Earth can move up to a few acres of earth and grow forests. Air can fly above the ground for up to a mile at a time and move things over 2000 lbs. Your character can conjure their element in small amounts from nothing, but this fatigues them quickly.

Level 6, Sage Level:

(Reached at 120 points)
This must be petitioned for. Should you fail, you are pushed back to level 5. There is no limit on the number of times you can petition for Sage level.

Non-Elemental Powers

1. Elementless horses will be able to gain weaker "elemental" powers through points gained via post count, activity, steals, battles, etc.
2. Other powers and/or traits must be gained through a god quest or deal. They will be able to pick an ability or trait from a list, but all abilities will be weaker as the power outside the main four elements is very weak and unstable.
3. For each post award level, a character may pick one trait or ability from the list below. First pick the "Element", then pick the trait or ability within that category.
4. There are no levels to any of these powers as they are made to be weaker against the major four element powers. None of these powers will hold up against high level element powers in a battle unless specified.
5. List of abilities (powers) and traits (physical changes) are as follows:


- Ability: Weak shadow manipulation
- Ability: Ability to hide completely in shadows
- Ability: Cover up to half an acre in shadow


- Ability: Ability to glow and cover the surrounding area in light
- Ability: Invisible in bright sunlight
- Ability: Can generate heat from body to cover up to 30 feet


- Trait: Visible electrical current around body
- Ability: Can shock a single horse and cause muscle spasms for up to 3 minutes


- Ability: Able to create armor to withstand level 2 and under element attacks
- Ability: Ability to create small things from natural metals in the earth
- Trait: One jewel OR metal accessory


- Ability: Empathy
- Ability: Telepathy
- Ability: Weak illusions


- Ability: Shape shift to a natural creature no bigger than a horse
- Ability: Bone manipulation
- Trait: Wings
- Trait: Spikes
- Trait: Scales

6. If you wish to add to this list, you must get approval from the owner(s).
7. Levels are gained a little faster, since they only are able to get traits/abilities that are weaker than the elements.
- Level 1 at 10 points
- Level 2 at 20 points
- Level 3 at 30 points
- Level 4 at 40 points
- Level 5 at 50 points
- Level 6 at 60 points