General Rules

1. Please note that Ravos is rated 18+ for swearing, and occasional adult themes.
2. Be kind and courteous to all. This game is inteded to be welcome for beginners and experienced players.
3. Asking for help, or offering help, when you see fit is encouraged.
4. Though swearing is allowed, please do not abuse it.
5. Word minimum is 250 words - lower is allowed if all players in the thread agree.
7. No god-moding or power playing. If you do power play, please make sure it is agreed upon by the character's player.
8. Take all arguments off site, do not bring drama here.
9. Characters are considered active if they are posted once a week on average.
10. Mares and stallions are considered 100% equal.
11. Every TWO (2) real months is ONE (1) season in Ravos.
12. Only one immortal character per player.
13. All gods (lesser included) must post at least once a week, unless player has posted away.
14. If a god player has been away for more than a week, they have 48 hours to post their god upon their return.
15. Any god player will lose their position if they vanish for a month for almost any reason (there are some rare exceptions).
16. If you lose your god position, upon your return, you must pick a mortal age for your character and will start at the element level their posts would have achieved.

Character Creation

1. You may create a character with an unnatural body color.
2. You must still have a natural base coat for sake of genetics.
3. You may create a character with an unnatural eye color.
4. Each character may join with no more than TWO (2) traits.
5. Traits are physical such as wings, horns, gills, etc.
6. Unnatural markings are considered a trait.
7. Traits do not have genetics attached to them.
8. If you are unsure about genetics for your horse's natural coat, just ask!
9. Upon joining, an element choice is not required.
10. You may choose an element later in-game or remain non-elemental.

Claiming and Territories

1. Any character age 3 or higher is eligible to claim a herd.
2. Characters must have ONE follower before claiming a herd.
3. To update your herd please post in the Inbox.
4. Herd leaders must post in herd weekly to be considered active.
5. Unless posted away, herd leaders will get an activity warning if not posted within their week.
6. After two activity warnings they lose their leadership.
7. If posted away, you have 48 hours after your return to post in the territory.
8. If you wish to make a separate board with actual herd ranks feel free!
9. Put the link in the Inbox and we will link it through the main herd page.
10. Any members listed on the herd board are eligible to forceclaim for that herd.
11. One herd per player.
12. Each herd is allowed TWO forceclaim attempts a week.
13. Mares, weaned foals and stallions can ALL be forceclaimed.
14. Forceclaims can be an OOC post if the forceclaimed agrees to go willingly.
15. Attempts to fight forceclaim will earn a dice roll by staff.
--- 1, 3, 5 will be a success
--- 2, 4, 6 will be a failure
16. All neutral mingle boards will state whether forceclaiming is allowed within them.
17. Your element doesn't need to match the herdland's element in order to claim it or live there.

Gods and Elemental Powers

1. Gods can grant wishes according to their element: see God Information
2. Wishes may not always be granted, please keep this in mind.
3. Lesser gods cannot grant wishes.
4. Gods and lesser gods are immortal.
5. Lesser gods positions can be challenged for by any character of that element that has reached Sage level.
6. Challenge rules will be decided by the main god and/or staff.
7. Each character is allowed ONE elemental path.
8. If a character reaches sage level, they can level a second element or choose from non-element powers.
9. Characters born in Ravos may be born with a mix of elements but they will be naturally weaker.
10. Non-element powers cannot be joined with.
11. Element characters (fire, air, earth, water) can gain non-element powers via God quests and wish grants.
12. Non-Element characters can gain non-element powers via normal leveling.
13. Anyone caught abusing their elements/abilities will be stripped of it forever.
14. Each character is given an Elemental Potential (EP) by staff at joining (see Information for EP explanation).
15. EP is decided by a dice roll.
16. You cannot train beyond your EP.
17. You may petition your god for a higher EP (see Information for EP Petition information).
18. You can raise a max of TWO EP levels per petition or gift.
19. To get a higher EP for a second element you must petition again to the god of that element.
20. Only TWO sages/masters (or mistresses) per player, and they cannot have the same element/non-element.
21. Not everyone has the same abilities despite being the same level. There is room for strength or weakness.
22. See Joining board for more EP clarification, as well as the information board.
23. Please see the Information board for more power clarification.


1. Sages are mortals with an EP of 6 and have achieved the sixth level of their element.
2. Sages are rare, so becoming one is meant to be difficult.
3. Sages that have gone through all quests and challenges will be given a Sage name (ie: Winston the Arctic Sage)
4. Most Sages are favored by their god. Deities won't give too much power to someone they dislike or do not trust, so keep that in mind.
5. Sages can lose their title and power level if they upset their god.
6. Sages can apply to be their element's Lesser god, although they may have to compete against the existing Lesser.


1. Masters/Mistresses are mortals with an EP of 6 and have achieved the sixth level of non-element abilities.
2. Masters/Mistresses are rare, so becoming one is meant to be difficult.
3. Masters/Mistresses can be titled "Master/Mistress (Their Name)" but aren't named like the Sages.

Breeding, Battling and Stealing

Please see the respective board for all above regulations.